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Moths Emerge

I just wanted to finish up my silk worm saga with a few pictures of the emerging adult moths:

The moths secrete a substance that disolves the silk on one side so they can wiggle out.  You can kill the larvae inside the cocoon to prevent that since you will lose some of the silk, but I wanted to see the process through to the end (and let the poor things have a little fun).  Basically, the emerge, dry their wings and spend a few days mating frantically before expiring.  The female is on the left (and I think in all the top photos) with a heavier egg heavy body and smaller twisted wings.  I don’t think the females can fly even in wild silk moths.  The males are lighter, with larger wings and domestic one are generally flightless although I did have one manage to take a short flight!  Don’t tell my son though.  He was NOT happy with the whole project, lol.


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