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I working on a sideways knit baja style sweatshirt for my husband on a small gauge Markman Farm loom. 

I’m almost done the first 1/4 body panel and now I have a new helper.  I’m sure things will go much faster now. lol!

Anyway, it’s a cotton wool/blend in assorted colors.  Since I’m knitting sideways, the stripes will be vertical when it’s done. 

I didn’t love the fabric in the swatch.  So on a whim, I tossed it in the washing machine and dryer with the regular laundry.  I LOVE how that turned out.  Just a bit of shrinkage and/or felting.  So I’m using the stitch gauge from the shrunken swatch as my pattern guideline.  I also have the pre-wash numbers in case I need to check them.  With a little luck, the final sweater will have similar shrinkage and this thing will actually fit!


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