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I’ve been spinning up several skeins of this yarn.  It reminds me of Fudge Ripple ice cream, lol.  I had a mixed roving of natural colored wool from whites all the way to darkest brown (an a bit of everything in between).

The single were all spindle spun, but I finished it up as a 3-ply on my Frankenwheel (which still needs it’s own post)..  It ended up as a nice fingering or sock weight yarn.  I keep thinking it would make a gorgeous pair of wristers or mitts, maybe with a lace ruffle….. I have 4 skeins up in my shop right now, but more in the pipeline.  Only problem is–now I want some ice cream!


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So my husband ordered 500 silkworm eggs and some worm chow for my anniversary present.  I’m not really sure what this says about me or our relationship, but it was the perfect present.  I’ve been joking about starting a silkworm ranch for a while.  Hey, I live in a city rowhouse.  I don’t think the neighbors (or the zoning department) are keen on my keeping sheep or alpaca, lol.

First hatchlings

You can just barely see the first hatchlings.  The eggs are just little dots.  They lighten up a bit before hatching.  The new worms look like tiny black maggots and are maybe 1/4 inch long. These first ones hatched a week ago, on Friday afternoon.

Only 5 had hatched by the time I should have gone to bed.  I was nervous, having heard that they need to eat within 4 hours, so I got up in the middle of the night to check on them and sure enough, the mass hatching had started.  I put the hatchlings on some food and brushed the rest of the eggs close to the food.  By morning most were hatched

At this stage they are pretty gruesome little things.

These are about 4 days old.  They’ve lightened up and plumped out.  Most have white heads with black faces and tannish bodies.  The skins on a few have started looking kind of stiff and maybe a bit translucent. Almost time to shed their skins, I think!

Day 6 and I think almost all of these have molted.  I only saw one actually shed it’s skin and there don’t seem to be any old skins lying about.  Did they eat them?  All the wormies are plumper now and about a half inch long.  The white heads are more pronounced and the bodies are a soft dove grey color.  Much less gruesome, don’t you think.

So far I have had noticeable fatalities and I think at least 90% hatched.  They are still small enough that I don’t want to try and count them.  Maybe in another molting or two.  Wish me luck!  I want to spin some homegrown silk.

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I’ve been hard at work this this month.  This weekend is the MD Sheep and Wool Festival.  I’ll be there with my spindles and shawl pins, buttons and some yarn at the Baltimore County Wool Producers Booth (Barn 4, space 05) where you can also find plenty of yarn and spinning fibers all produced locally.

Come on by and say, “Hi!”  I’d love to meet you.

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